From Here; For Now, we can anticipate and review, but we do not know.

What just happened? From here, we watched as the world began to lock down, to turn inside. The additional baggage to an already doubtful future was most felt at the moment when we closed our doors and stayed at home. And so, with a hazy timeline before us, what now – what will be normal; what is normal?

From Here; For Now, we can anticipate and review, but we do not know.

For us, this is an invitation to congregate remotely, to consider the present condition through the lens of architecture, design and visual culture. From here; for now, we do not propose new solutions, but instead refocus attention to the conceptual, material, and strategic relationships with things themselves and space that can be occupied, giving room for vibes and atmosphere.

The series consists of 36+ online short talks – in the loosest of terms – 15 minutes in duration unfolding over 3 weekly sessions. Each talk is autonomous yet responds to one of three thematic brackets:

  1. With Things Themselves.
  2. Space that can be occupied, where things can be done.
  3. Less in the mood for meaning: room for vibes and atmosphere.

Together the 36+ talks will become an evolving survey by significant thinkers reflecting on the moment we find ourselves in*. For us this must be necessarily brief and express complexity, simply. From here the series hopes to uncover natural connections, soft beliefs, and hard doubts. It will reveal a snapshot of things, spaces, and moods from this point in 2020, where out of uncertainty, apprehension, and instability some kind of clarity may emerge, if there is such a thing.

From Here; For Now is an online talk series curated by Colby Vexler, Anna Tonkin, Eric Ye, and Guillermo Fernández-Abascal, with Justin Clemens and Alan Pert, and design by Nicole Ho and Samson Ossedryver.

We acknowledge the Bidjigal and Cammeraygal of the Eora Nation, and the Woiwurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation, as the custodians of the land on which this event was conceived. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded. As an event with an international program, From Here; For Now would also like to acknowledge the traditional owners and indigenous peoples of the lands in which our guests are located.

This series is sponsored by and in collaboration with the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne and the MSD @ Home program. We wish to thank them for their generous support. We also wish to thank the guest speakers for their contributions during this period.

*These 36+ speakers represent only a slice of the contemporary attitude. The list of architects, artists and designers considered for the series was long, some of whom we were unable to include in this part of the project.