Week 1

With Things Themselves

In week one we discuss the objects, actions, events, thoughts and utterances that in their vagueness or specificity seem relevant to consider from here, for now, in the loosest sense.

6.00pm AEST +10GMT

Wolfgang Tillmans How Architectural details effect real life

6.20pm AEST +10GMT

Hélène Frichot The dirty theory of indisciplination

6.40pm AEST +10GMT

Anne Holtrop Material Gestures

7.00pm AEST +10GMT

Erika Nakagawa Modelling a new vernacular

7.20pm AEST +10GMT

Simone Bossi All at once; a partial completeness

7.40pm AEST +10GMT

Junya Ishigami Freeing Architecture

8.00pm AEST +10GMT

Beatriz Colomina On Bed

8.20pm AEST +10GMT

D&K All or Nothing

8.40pm AEST +10GMT

Nicholas Korody Mere Decorating

9.00pm AEST +10GMT

Sarah Jamieson (Catseye Bay) Techniques for sticking things together

9.20pm AEST +10GMT

Leon Ransmeier Near emptiness: the ommission of domestic objects

9.40pm AEST +10GMT

Nicholas Gardner & Saša Štucin (Soft Baroque) Soft Renaissance

10.00pm AEST +10GMT

Jumbo Cute Chairs and the Interior Moment

10.20pm AEST +10GMT

Esther Choi At the edge of everything else

10.40pm AEST +10GMT

Michael Meredith & Hilary Sample (MOS) On rocks and other things